Strategic Media Planning
Delivers Healthcare Audiences
Fueled by comprehensive knowledge of how market forces impact brand challenges, CMI strategists don't just see what is, but create a vision for what can be. Our media strategy team gets to core issues that identify your best customers, define where the growth potential is, or help stop the bleeding when competitors dominate, then articulate the best use of media to successfully overcome those challenges. There is no magic bullet for guaranteed success, but having an experienced media strategist define customized solutions will bring order from chaos and aligns scarce resources to work efficiently toward reaching your brand's goals.
A brand in its second year wanted to maximize its category lead while strategically allocating the media budget against three fierce new category entrants. CMI's Audience Insights team conducted research to identify prescribing behavior and information needs, and coupled that with media preferences from our proprietary planning tools ByDoctor® and Media Vitals™. This process uncovered four targetable segments that each needed a different message cadence.

The CMI Strategy Team solution leveraged non-personal promotion
as a virtual sales rep.

The team developed a 1-to-1 marketing campaign to deliver the right message, to the right HCP, at the most effective investment level. By the end of the promotional year, this targeted promotion approach assisted in converting 55% of targets to writers, proving the success of the smart and complex NPP strategy.

Fierce new competitive challenges in second year post-launch


Meet market needs through segmentation, and maximize reach with non-personal promotion as Virtual Rep


Healthcare Professionals


Customized program assisted in converting 55% of targets to writers