IQ Rx Analytics Guide the Way

CMI's IQ Rx analytics services team brings accountability to your media program through smart measurement plans linked to business goals, successfully guiding your brand to the HPCs necessary to grow your business.
Before campaigns begin

IQ Rx participates in the strategic planning to translate brand marketing objectives into measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), determining how, what, and when to measure in order to maintain strategic focus and align resources.
During campaigns

IQ Rx analysts monitor media activity to continuously confirm campaign KPIs will meet brand goals. We determine attribution/path to conversion to ensure the goals are efficiently being achieved, and make optimization recommendations if necessary.
After campaigns conclude

We connect campaign successes to brand business goals or perform ROI analysis to show the impact of media and non-personal promotion on your brand's bottom line.
Today's pharma marketers must do more with less. IQ Rx acts as an advocate for your brand, continually monitoring and optimizing media programs to effectively and cost- efficiently achieve business goals.