Sunshine Act

CMI/Compas conducted research to gauge and compare perceptions of the Sunshine Act – including understanding of reportable and exempt items – from two perspectives: physicians and pharma industry (clients/partners). This research discovered distinct viewpoints:

  • Physicians would benefit from understanding what items are reportable and what items are exempt
  • Pharma Industry should not back away from providing valuable materials to PCPs, as they are still viewed as beneficial by physicians
  • By using visual aids, such as the CMI/Compas proposed exempt/reportable emblems, Pharma can assist physicians in quickly identifying what is reportable and what is exempt

View full results of the study here

View a list of the top pharma companies’ Sunshine Act policies here

PM360 The Sunshine Act’s Crackdown on Medical Reprints – What Pharma Can Do About It
– Article by CMI/Compas experts about the impact of The Sunshine Act on reprint marketing

The Sunshine Act Infographic
– A visual representation of the law and what is reportable

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