CMI Delivers
healthcare audiences to over 400 pharma brands
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CMI is a media agency
that delivers healthcare audiences for pharmaceutical brands. We start with our proprietary ByDoctor® audience analysis tools to understand your target physicians and other healthcare professionals, patients and consumers. We then develop a media strategy and channel-neutral media plan, based on audience needs and brand goals, that moves your business forward.

But we're not all business! From supporting local families at holiday time, donating to the American Heart Association, helping feed the hungry, and volunteering at animal shelters, we believe in giving back, too.
Who we reach
Whether patient or caregiver, healthcare professional or payer, each audience needs special treatment prescribed especially for them. CMI has specialists dedicated to understanding and reaching the full spectrum of healthcare audiences through traditional and digital media channels.
What we think
Pharma Hotlist: Apps are Good Medicine
In an ongoing series, Q&A sessions with media experts from CMI/Compas explore what pharma needs to know about how physicians are using apps in their practice.
What Pharma Marketers Should Know and Should Do About Google's Health Upgrades to Knowledge Graph
Google has updated the Knowledge Graph to display a wide range of medical facts about the disease or condition in question.
How Penguin 3.0 Impacts Organic Search for Pharmaceutical Brands
Identifying what matters and why it matters.
What we know
Gen X/Y physicians use search engines more frequently in a day than their older generation counterparts.
Generation X/Y
Baby Boomer
Silent Generation
We're Growing.
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